Discover our
Bonito del Norte
(White Tuna)

in its finest flavour
and texture

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Cantabrian Anchovies

the best anchovies
in the world

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Our history

More than
100 years
our traditions

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Canned fish highlights

  • ventresca-bonito

    White Tuna Belly in olive oil

  • anchoa-cantabrico-rr80

    Cantabrian Anchovies in olive oil can RR80

  • 250-bonito-bajo-sal

    White Tuna low in salt in olive oil glass jar 250

  • OL120-bonito-lata

    White Tuna in olive oil can 120 gr.

  • atun-oliva-1kg

    Yellowfin Tuna in olive oil 1 kilo glass jar

Preserves elaborated
by hand,
using a centuries-old
traditional method.

White Tuna,
fished one by one,
following traditional techniques.

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