Own production plants

We have our own production facilities which allow the whole production process to be controlled in house and ensure the maximum quality to the final product. This allows us to meet the customer’s expectations and a constant search for continuous improvement.

This is a significant added value for our clients, compared with other brands that outsource the production and are not able to control the quality of their products.

High Quality

The traditional process enables us to produce high quality products. Our motto is to produce healthy, natural products that keep their traditional flavour. Therefore, we apply strict quality control standards throughout our production process which begins with the selection of the fish and continues with a completely traditional manufacturing of all our canned fish.

Our facilities feature the latest technology which guarantees the quality of all our products.

Quality control of canned fish

IFS Certification

Arroyabe is certified in IFS (International Food Standard certificate), one of the most important certifications in food safety and quality of processes and products.

IFS canned fish

In addition, Arroyabe is a member of the CNTA (National Center for Food Safety and Technology) which contributes to the development and innovation of food companies, and by extension, promotes the competitiveness of the industry.