Discover the anchovy fishing aboard the Santana Berria

Pesca Acciughe Cantabrico

As every April, the Cantabrian anchovy (Engraulis Encrasicolus) approaches our coasts in order to complete its reproductive cycle. This is when the anchovy season begins, which lasts all spring long.

The anchovy is fished with purse seine, through which the school of fish on the surface is surrounded, forming a 360-degree circle. Once surrounded, the net closes, preventing the anchovy from escaping. It is considered a fishing method that respects the marine environment and other species, due to its high degree of selectivity.

Now that this year’s fishing has begun, we have embarked on the boat Santana Berria (Getaria, Basque Country) to learn more about the fishing of the Cantabrian anchovy. We hope you enjoy these wonderful moments that the day has left us.

Pesca acciuga a bordo
Acciuga del Cantabrico
Acciuga del Cantabrico a bordo
Rete da circuizione acciuga

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  1. Kevin Piper
    Kevin Piper says:

    I have just discovered the wild caught anchovies in olive oil in the 49g tin at Blue Hill Wine Shop in my hometown of Blue Hill, Maine. These are in a league of their own. Much respect for how much effort goes into creating a morsel of such renown.


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