White Tuna, also known as Albacore or Bonito del Norte, is considered a superior tuna because of its exquisite flavour, white tone and smooth texture. White Tuna is caught in summer in the Gulf of Biscay using traditional and ecological fishing methods (Pole & Line). This exquisite treatment guarantees its quality and freshness.

White Tuna preserves are produced with best quality raw materials and following company’s experience of more than 100 years elaborating Premium canned fish. White tuna fillets are introduced in glass jars one by one by experienced hands, improving the texture, flavour, and appearance of our products. Together with glass jars, white tuna cans are also consumed widely in households and catering service.

Traditional preparation of White Albacore Tuna

Artisan elaboration of white tuna (Bonito del Norte) in the Basque country is a long-standing tradition that dates back to the nineteenth century. At Arroyabe, we use a demanding and meticulous traditional process, paying careful attention to every detail of the products we make, enabling us to provide high quality white tuna. Albacore Tuna preserves are made one by one by experienced hands who select the best pieces to give our customers the best possible quality. Both pole-and-line fishing techniques and manual packing of our canned white tuna improve the quality, texture, flavour, and appearance of the product.

White tuna fishing in the Basque Country

White Albacore Tuna is caught in the Bay of Biscay in the traditional manner using selective, ecological and traditional fishing; with just a pole, line and hook. This method is sustainable because it does not involve incidental catch of other species or deteriorate the seabed. It also allows for the tuna caught to be selected according to the minimum length rules.

Canned Albacore Tuna. Product range.

White Tuna in olive oil

Albacore tuna is normally preserved in olive oil, which results in the smooth texture and flavor not found in typical canned tuna products. In our glass jars and cans you will find entire pieces of white tuna; serve them on slices of bread or toast and enjoy. You can also add some piquillo peppers, chilli or finely chopped spring onions. It pairs well with white wine or a young red wine. You can also find white tuna in organic olive oil, which takes care of the marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

White Tuna in pickled sauce

Although most tuna preserves are consumed in oil, the flavor of the pickled sauce or escabeche will take you to the origins of canned tuna. We get this sauce by mixing olive oil and vinegar, which was the basis of tuna preserves before the discovery of sterilization. Albacore tuna in catalan sauce is a variant of pickled sauce, which is widely demanded in the Mediterranean coast.

Healthy choices

Want to ingest fewer calories without relinquishing your favorite tuna? White tuna in water is your solution. Moreover, it is highly recommended for salads, as dressing is added at costumer´s choice. Another healthy choice is low-salt white tuna, which contains 74% less salt than standard preserves. It is also elaborated in olive oil and recommended for low-sodium diets.

Food Service solutions

Since company´s beginnings, offering solutions for catering and food service has been our strength. Our catalogue includes a wide variety of tuna preserves of 1 kilo or more, both in cans and glass jars.

Where to buy canned White Albacore Tuna

Our online shop offers the possibility to buy canned white albacore tuna in 10 European countries: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic and Poland. (for purchases in Spain, please visit www.arroyabe.es). Free shipping over 150€. If you are interested in our White Albacore Tuna products please do not hesitate to contact us at info@arroyabe.com or filling the contact form.

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