Premio Eroski a la sostenibilidad

Arroyabe, winner of the Eroski Sustainability Award

Arroyabe is proud to win the Eroski Sustainability Award that recognizes its contribution to local sustainability and the development of an eco-friendly production model. The Basque retail group Eroski has arranged the first edition of the Sustainability Award to reward companies that contribute to local sustainable development.

Various representatives of the retail group were present at the Awards Ceremony, as well as the director for agriculture and fishing of the Basque Government, Bittor Oroz.  The director of Eroski was also present, who stressed the commitment of Arroyabe with the soil, the sea, the employment, the health and the environmental richness. He also enhanced the professionalism and expertise of Arroyabe in the sustainability field.

Arroyabe was elected as the winner of the Award in a popular vote, in which Arroyabe was supported by consumers. Previously, an expert jury chose the three finalists for the prize. Arroyabe would like to publicly thank all the participants in the popular vote their recognition and confidence in the company.

The Awards Ceremony had wide media coverage, especially in newspapers and press releases (in Spanish):

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