white tuna, chickpeas and egg salad

White tuna, chickpeas and hard-boiled egg salad

white tuna, chickpeas and egg salad

The white tuna, chickpea and egg salad is very easy to prepare and provides us with many of the nutrients we need. It includes legumes (chickpeas), fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, onions) and healthy proteins (white tuna and egg), making it a very complete dish.

Being a salad is usually served cold, although it can also be served warmly. This is a good way to eat vegetables on hot days and an alternative to traditional salads in summer, when consumption of this type of dish increases.

Recipe for white tuna, chickpeas and hard-boiled egg salad

Recipe for 4 people


1 White Tuna fillets in olive oil 450 glass jar

300 gr. of chickpeas

2 boiled eggs

2 tomatoes

1 onion

Extra Virgin Olive Oil




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How to prepare white tuna, chickpeas and hard-boiled egg salad

Cooking the ingredients

When preparing the chickpeas, it is advisable to soak them the night before, as they will be soft for boiling. Remove the water from the soaking and put new water to boil in a pot. Add the chickpeas when to the water when it starts boiling and leave them to cook for 20-25 minutes. We can also use canned chickpeas and skip this step.

At the same time, we can use this time to cook the eggs for 10 minutes in another casserole. Then we let them to cool down in the fridge. When the chickpeas are ready, drain them and put them in a bowl. It is interesting to cover the container so that the chickpeas will not dry out.

Preparation of the tuna salad

To present the salad, we put the chickpeas in a bowl as a basis. On top of them, we put the white tuna loins, the hard-boiled egg, sliced tomato and onion.

Finally, dress the salad with olive oil and sprinkle a bit of pepper and oregano.

pizza anchovies tuna

Pizza with anchovies and yellowfin tuna

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, loved by young and old alike. Although it is often associated with fast and unhealthy food, a pizza made at home with top quality ingredients can be just as healthy as the next best thing. Italians guarantee that apart from the ingredients, the essential part of pizza is in dough, (which we will later explain you how to do it). All we have to do is to pay attention to the quantities and dedicate a lot of love to it; and we will get an authentic, delicious and healthy pizza.

In our case we are going to prepare two different homemade pizzas, in which the protagonists will be the anchovy of the Bay of Biscay and the yellowfin tuna. It does not involve any complications for the children of the house, so it is a great plan to make it family.

pizza anchovies tuna

Home-made pizza with anchovies and yellowfin tuna

The secret of a good pizza is in the ingredients: if they are of good quality, success is guaranteed. This is why we recommend using white tuna or yellowfin tuna to make the pizza, which are the two highest quality species of tuna. The same goes for anchovies, those from the Bay of Biscay are the highest quality in the world. We will also consume local products, so we will reduce our carbon footprint.

For this recipe we have used yellowfin tuna, and to make it even tastier, we will use some high quality Cantabrian anchovies. The rest of the ingredients are the usual ones used in pizzas: homemade fried tomato sauce (it is worth mentioning that if it is homemade, it makes a great difference), cheese, cherry tomatoes, thyme and oregano.

Recipe for 4 people


For the dough

400g of flour

50g of extra virgin olive oil

15g of yeast

200g of water


For the filling

1 jar Yellowfin Tuna in olive oil 450g

1 can Cantabrian anchovy fillets 50g

Emmental cheese

Homemade fried tomato sauce

Cherry tomatoes



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How to prepare anchovy and white tuna pizza

First of all, we will prepare the pizza dough. To do this, we will use the blender, using its kneading tool. Add flour, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt to the blender glass. Then, mix the fresh yeast and water and incorporate it into the glass. Then we proceed to knead the mixture for about 10 minutes at a speed of 1 and a half.

If we don’t have a dough mixer, we can do it by hand. To do so, put all the ingredients in a bowl and knead for 15-20 minutes. In both cases the result should be a smooth, elastic, and lump-free dough.

We make a sphere with the dough and cover it with plastic wrap. Leave it to rest for one hour, until the volume of the dough has doubled in size.

As we have already mentioned, we will prepare two pizzas, so we will divide the dough into two pieces and form two balls. We take one of the balls and start to shape the base of the pizza. We can do it by hand or we can use a rolling pin. We shape it  as round as possible.

homemade pizza with anchovies

When we have the dough ready, we put the homemade fried tomato, some oregano and thyme and sprinkle the Emmental cheese.

The pizza is now ready to be baked. Make sure the oven is preheated and put the pizza in for 20 minutes at about 200º. Meanwhile, we can prepare the other dough that we have reserved for the second pizza.

Once the time is over, we take the pizza out of the oven and we add the yellowfin tuna and the anchovies from the Bay of Biscay. We bake the pizza again, but this time just for 8 minutes.

We take the pizza out of the oven, and we put the cherry tomatoes in halves. We repeat the same steps with the second pizza.

homemade pizza with tuna

Spaghetti with seafood

Spaghetti with seafood

Spaghetti with seafood recipe


250g of spaghetti

Arroyabe White Tuna Fillets

Arroyabe Arroyabitos (baby eels)

Olive oil

½ onion

1 tablespoon flour

Fish stock

1 clove of garlic

1 red bell pepper

1 tomato


White pepper


Chop the onion and bell pepper finely and fry them. Add the finely chopped garlic and tomato. When sautéed, add the flour, stirring it quickly for about 3 minutes, preventing it from browning.

Pour in the fish stock slowly while stirring constantly. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add the Arroyabe white tuna fillets and Arroyabitos and cook 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, start cooking the spaghetti separately. Once cooked “al dente” and drained, put in a bowl and cover it with the sauce. Serve with grated cheese.

Receta espaguetis a la marinera

Tomates rellenos de Bonito del Norte Arroyabe

Tomatoes stuffed with Arroyabe Tuna


1 RO280 can of Arroyabe tuna in olive oil

1 hard boiled egg

Capers, pepper, olives, and mayonnaise


Prepare the filling with the Arroyabe white tuna, capers, chopped olives, chopped hard boiled egg, and a little pepper.

Hollow out the tomatoes from the top, fill them with the filling you prepared above, and cover with a little mayonnaise.

Anchoas del Cantábrico con Queso Idiazabal Arroyabe

Arroyabe Cantabrian Anchovies and Idiazabal cheese


Arroyabe Cantabrian Anchovies

Idiazabal cheese

Piquillo peppers

Homemade bread


Place slices of homemade bread with piquillo peppers on a plate.

Slice the Idiazabal cheese and add it and two or three Arroyabe Cantabrian Anchovy fillets.

Garlic gulas with white tuna fillets

Arroyabitos with Arroyabe white tuna fillets

Garlic gulas with white tuna recipe


Arroyabe Arroyabitos (baby eels)

Arroyabe White Tuna fillets



Shredded carrots

Olive oil

Sherry Vinegar


Finely chop the lettuce and place it in the center of the plate. Separate a few endive leaves and alternate them with some Arroyabe white tuna fillets. Add the shredded carrots to each endive leaf.

Drain the oil from the Arroyabitos, fry them for 1 minute, and place them on top of the lettuce.

Season with a few drops of sherry vinegar and olive oil.

Garlic gulas with White Tuna

Lomos de bonito con primientos del piquillo

White Tuna fillets with piquillo peppers


Arroyabe white tuna fillets

Piquillo peppers

Arroyabe anchovies in oil



Olive oil


Fry the garlic in a pan until golden brown. Add the peppers and warm them for 1 minute on each side.

Put them on a plate, alternating the piquillo peppers and the Arroyabe White Tuna fillets.

Place the Arroyabe Bay of Biscay Anchovies on top of the peppers.

Finely chop the chives and place them in the center of the plate. Dress with olive oil and serve.